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    User slide advance, automatic bullet advance


      I need the slides in my deck to be advanced by the user using the forward and backwards button, but I need the bullets within the slide to automatically advance. It seems that I am unable to check the right boxes so that I can have both features.


      At the moment, I have gone into the Adobe Presenter- Slide Manager and changed the "Advance by user" to "yes." What else should I look to do?



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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          You will want to set at least the first bullet animation to be On Click so you can cue when in the slides audio/silence the animation happens. Additional bullet animations can be set to after previous and will just happen after the first animation or you can set additional animations to be On Click and then synchronize them to the slide audio/silence using the Sync Audio or Edit Audio tools.


          This should cue the animations as you desire on the slides, but leaving the Advance by user setting to Yes means the viewers will have to click the play or next slide buttons to advance between slides.