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    Update Swatches

    Bart Bossuyt - die Keure Level 1

      Hi all,


      i have a bunch of indesign-files with a bunch of color-swatches.

      The color-swatches in every file are the same. The have the same name and the same color.


      is it possible to update those swatches in all files. For example.

      If i change the color of a swatch in one file, How can i make the same swatch from the other files update to the new color?

      i know that you can load swatches but it's doesn't replace the old swatch-color. It kindda makes a copy if the swatch.


      It feels like i need a CC-libraries where all the swatches are loaded. But the swatches lose the link to the librarie once they are used.

      so i cant update the swatches in de library.


      any ideas?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Create a Book file (File > New > Book). Add each of the InDesign files to the book. (It's not important that you're not really making a book, this is just a technique to do what you want.)


          In the Book file, designate one of the files as the Style Source by clicking in the left column beside its name. In the example below, it's Chapter 1.


          InDesign CC016.png

          Edit your swatches in that file, and save the file. Then choose Save Book from the book panel menu.


          In the panel menu, choose Synchronize Options and uncheck any items you don't want synchronized. But Swatches should be checked.


          Deselect all the file names (none highlighted) and choose Synchronize Book.


          All the files will now have the same swatches.

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            Bart Bossuyt - die Keure Level 1

            Thanks steve