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    Camera Raw Filter in latest 2017.1.1 does not work


      Hi, I run a visualization company with the following workflow which is no longer working since updating to 2017.1.1 (from 2017.0.1)


      1. From 3d Studio Max we render out full-float 32-bit .exr files


      2. Open Photoshop and then we run a Camera Raw Filter on the 32-bit .exr (we prefer the adjustments available from that Camera Raw vs Photoshop)


      3. Convert file to 8-bit and begin a standard Photoshop workflow.


      The problem now is that in Step 2, I no longer have the option to do a Camera Raw Filter. I see the button but it's greyed out. The computers that have not been updated to 2017.1.1 work fine, so I'm pretty sure it's a update issue.


      Can someone please advise? This process is essential to our workflow. Thank you.