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    Conditional Text  vs. Merged Help


      I am creating a help file for an application that has 4 independent modules. I was going to use the merged help, but then someone told me that it would be better to use conditional text. When should you use merged help and when should you use conditional text? All 4 modules have multiple common features, so maybe the conditional text would be better?
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          CraigCC Level 2

          A lot depends on how the project will be shipped and how the help file be called from the application. Are the modules all shipped but some hidden from the users? Or are they sold and shipped separately. Also, do you expect to use context sensitive help?

          If you can provide us with a little more background on the project and deliverables it will be easier to make recommendations.

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            MergedConfused Level 1
            There are 4 modules. Our clients may get any combination of the 4 modules or all 4. The modules will probably be sold and shipped separately. The help will not be context sensitive.
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              CraigCC Level 2
              With the brief requirements you have put forward, it sounds like merging may be the way to go. If it twas me, I'd create five separate projects, the first (and the master) containing the common topics that you want ALL clients to see. The other four help projects containing help for the four independent modules.

              That way you can simply exclude/include the appropriate merged projects when shipping to the clients. Just always provided them with the first master project containing the common topics.

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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                As we are talking about merged webhelp, I wouldn't put anything in the parent project. Make that a blank page with a redirect to the main child project. That way, all the links are between child projects so you avoid the problem of broken links that occurs when you generate the help.

                This is described in more detail in this topic. Click here.
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                  CraigCC Level 2
                  Thanks for the correction Peter

                  You will need six projects. Once for the parent that merges the other five (blank as Peter suggests), one with the common topics and the other four with the module specific content.

                  I would highly recommend reading the Merged Webhelp information on Peter's site BEFORE starting a merged project - a great resource written in plain English!

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