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    Can't edit?


      I am running 2015.10.1 LR CC and I imported file to edit and it won't let me edit?  I thought it was perhaps because I had opened in PS first (desperate) but it won't let me edit any of my images? Any suggestions?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What do you mean when you say that it won't let you edit? What happens when you try? What operating system are you using? Are these raw images? Did this just start happening? What camera model are you using? Are you able to see the images? How much RAM does your computer have?

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            michellew90226317 Level 1

            sorry should have put more info. yes raw images...canon 6d..I can see the images and go to develop and try to adjust exposure etc and nothing happens. Yes this just started happening.  I loaded images onto MAC (iOS sierra 10.12.5) 8g and can open them in PS and edit. I am just learning PS so wanted to work in LR as more comfortable with LR

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              michellew90226317 Level 1

              ok i just did back up and shut down and rebooted and now it is working?! I am not sure what happened? maybe because i didn't do back up?