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    Why can't I use my LR6 upgrade on my second computer ?




      I've found topics about the same question from years ago, but none of them is answering the problem.. Can you help me ?


      (I don't have a CC subscription, I only have LR as an "independant" software)


      I bought LR3 in... 2011 ? and installed it on my computer.

      In 2015, I've bought a LR6 upgrade, that I installed on the same computer. Up to then, no problem.


      These last days I've had a new computer on which I want to install LR (still for my own use only), and I know I'm allowed to use the same serial numbers twice without having to pay again. Woohoo ! >>> I did it for LR3, and it worked perfectly. Then I tried to install the LR6 upgrade that I bought in 2015, and... it doesn't work : it says the serial number cannot be validated.


      How is that possible ? I've used this LR6 upgrade only once, on my previous computer. Are the updates only valid once and not twice as the complete versions ?



      The problem is that my actual camera doesn't work with LR3 (the raw files cannot be read by this old version), so I can't use LR at all on my new computer for now, and I did not take my old computer with me on the trip I'm now on. Tons of new pictures on my camera and I can't see / edit them, it's kind of frustrating... !


      Thanks for your help if you have an answer,

      Kind regards,