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    Lightroom 5 reinstalled but I find I have 3 Library Catalogs




      A hard disk crash on the weekend had me reinstall Lightroom 5. It's now loaded on the new hard drive but I find that in the  folder with all my photos, which is on a separate hard drive, I see 3 Lightroom Catalogs listed.


      Here is what is listed:

      Lightroom 3 Catalog         2014-02-27           1,341,744 KB

      Lightroom 5 Catalog         2017-07-07           9,120,200 KB

      Lightroom 5 Catalog-2      2014-10-09           1,332,428 KB


      I have no idea as to what's going on but can someone advise me on what should do? Do I combine these catalogs into one catalog and if so how? How do I find out what is in each catalog?  Or is it that the 9G Lightroom 5 Catalog the only one I should be concerned with? 


      Any advice would be appreciated