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    Warp Stabilizer FX - Apply Motion to Target - Unwanted offset

    Ferdinand83 Level 1

      Hey guys,


      A very long title for a very particular problem, but it really bugs me. Maybe someone knows the answer?


      So I have this shaky piece of footage and I want a mask (applied to a separate solid layer) to stick to a computer screen in the middle of the shot. On the first frame of the comp, I line up the mask as close as possible with the screen, so they almost match, as you can see here:


      Everything is fine and dandy. Next I duplicate the footage layer (the office shot) and apply Warp Stabilizer FX to it. Once it's done, I twirl down 'Advanced' and under 'Objective' I switch from 'Stabilize' to 'Apply Motion to Target', set the 'Target Layer' to my mask layer (my 'Matte') and tell it to use 'Masks'.


      Now I make my mask layer invisible and at first it seems like all is good. The mask is following the erratic camera movements and sticks to the screen, but wait, what's that?


      If you look closely, you'll notice that the mask/matte is in fact offset down by a couple of pixels - it doesn't line up with the computer screen anymore. This is a relatively mild offset. I've tried this on a couple of different shots and at times the matte is offset substantially - I never managed the warp stabilized layer to match the original mask/matte layer. Why is that?


      This is really frustrating, as it would actually allow a pretty smooth solution for a lot of tedious roto work.


      I can try and fix the problem, by offsetting the original mask on the matte layer, but that turns into a real blind flight of guesswork and defeats the purpose of creating a clean roto matte in the first place.


      Has anybody got a clue, why Warp Stabilizer FX is doing that and how I can fix it? Thanks a lot for letting me know!