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    InDesign CC - Export document to PDF and the colored rectangles become transparent




      I am currently creating a brochure on InDesign CC. For some reason when I export the document to a PDF, the color rectangles that I am using as a background turn transparent. This happens when I have the background in either the A-Master pages or the regular pages. At first, it seemed like the solution was to change the layers around to make sure that the background is in a layer for it to be visible. But, this temporary solution is no longer working. I read other forums where people said it might be because the color I am using is a paper swatch or paper color. However, I do not think the color is a paper swatch color. Below you can see what the InDesign layout looks like versus the PDF that I recently exported.


      Thank you in advance for your help! I'm looking forward to hearing solutions


      P.S. I was required to block out an identifying information to protect my client. Thank you for understanding!


      Layout in InDesign Document


      PDF Export of InDesign Document