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    Programatically retrieve folder path if I know only my project name




      In AEM 6.2 I have created multiple translation projects under a folder.


      For example in CRX editor under content the structure would look like this:




      /content/projects/my-folder/project-test-2 etc...


      Is there any possibility to retrieve the content of jcr:content with com.adobe.granite.translation.api if I know only the project name ( in this case project-test-1).


      I know that I could do a Sling query but this will become to expensive in terms of performance if I’ll have a lot of records in JCR.


      I’m asking this because from TranslationObject I have an overriden on toString method that actually knows the absolute path for my application and I’m able to extract the jcr:content information in all the methods in which the API methods have a TranslationObject(uploadTranslationObject,getTranslationObjectState etc...)


      But in the case of a method in which I have only TranslationMetadata(for example createTranslationJob method)  I do not know how and if it is possible to get the full path of my project under “content” in order to retrieve the jcr:content


      Could you please advise me in this matter?


      Thank you,