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    Smart Objects - Consolidate multiple iterations of exact same object


      I apologize if this has been answered before, I wasn't exactly sure how to search for this.


      The issue I have is that I was given a file that is a bit of a mess and wasn't set up properly due to laziness and haste on the designers part. The primary issue being that I have an embedded smart object being used about 6 times. Unfortunately it's six different iterations of the exact same image at 250mb each instead of reusing the same smart object, leaving me with a 2gb+ file. I was able to determine this by creating a new library from document, where I was able to see that I had six identical smart objects of the same image.


      I'm trying to find a way to update the file so that I'm only using one of these images in an effort to significantly reduce the file size. I tried the "Relink to library graphic" option by right clicking the smart object and selecting the same image for each one, but doesn't seem to be doing anything. Would be very grateful to some insight on this or a link that might address this issue.


      Thank you

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          It sound like the PSD smart object layers were created independently  using menu Layer>Smart Object>New Smart Object Via Copy or the image fie was repeatedly place into the document..  That create independent smart Object layers. What should have been done was to place in the file once and then repeatedly use menu Layer>Duplicate Layer...  That create additional layers that share a single smart object.  There is only one smart object all layer share that one object. However, each layer has its one associated Transform to size and position the layer content over the documents canvas.  It an excellent way to make a picture package template.  You replace the single object with a replacement the content of all layer change together.


          All but one of the independent smart object layer would need to be deleted and new smart object layer that share that share a common object created and transform into place.  you would want to save Alpha channels first the map where the new layer should be positioned before you delete the independent Smart Object ;layers.  You would load the layers content as a selection and save it as and Alpha channel.