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    Endless problems with CC 2017


      I downloaded the trial of Premiere Pro CC 2017 a couple weeks ago because I was seriously considering buying it. It worked like a dream for 4 days, and then it stopped. I got endless "Media Pending" yellow death screens and even when I could get past that, which I often couldn't because I was not able to click anything on the screen, the libraries wouldn't load, and my video wouldn't play. I eventually got so fed up I just uninstalled everything. Or so I thought, because all of the crap Adobe put on my computer for the trial is still in my start menu. None of the programs are even listed in my installed programs. I ran the cleanup tool and it said it completed successfully, but in the log I have two warnings saying that 2 DBs don't exist. I am at my wit's end and the Adobe support process is a joke. I just want this crap off my computer so I can spend my money at Corel. Somebody, please help.