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    Chart issues.


      How can I remove only a corner of my chart?  I need to remove 2 squares in a row and 2 squares in a column. Thank you.


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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Jen:


          The term chart typically refers to a bar chart or a pie chart. Are you talking about a table with rows and columns?


          Are you trying to remove the contents of those four cells, or to hide them entirely?

          • If remove contents, select the cells with the Type tool and press Delete.
          • If hide them entirely, select the four cells with the Type tool, press Delete to remove the contents, then
            • Click each of the lines in the table proxy to change all the lines to blue, except for the left and the bottom lines, which need to be gray
            • Select Stroke and set to None

          InDesign CCss_005.png

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