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    encrypt video

      I need some way of stopping users playing my video clips in mediaplayer (or any media player) directly from the CDROM. I have already built in dongle protection which protects the product as a whole but it worries me that people could simply copy the video to hard disk and bypass the dongle protection. Has anyone any ideas, maybe an xtra or something ?

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          QuickTime movies can be encrypted using a media key. See the
          qtRegisterAccessKey() method in the Help. Also see:

          Dave -
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            Other improvised solutions

            corupt the header slightly, cpoy videos to HD for playback, repearing
            the header for the duration of that video playback using fileIO or
            binary Xtra.

            Add a layer to a quicktimem that blacks out the video, turn off that
            layer using available lingo property when played. This light weight
            obfucation can be defeated by someone with quicktime pro.
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              Thanks for the tips, the black layer sounds very interesting. I cannot find any information on how to add a layer to a quicktime movie, please can you give me a quick pointer.


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                >> a method to rpevent casual users from viewing external quicktime
                >> Determined viewers will learn to enable the right channel in
                QuickTime Pro

                Here's a drill that seemsed to work ( tried it with video only movie).

                Create a black bitmap the same size as the video

                I did it in director double-clicking select rect in paint window to
                select and copy to clipboard.

                Open the video in quicktime player with pro features enabled

                Select entire timeline range, with carrot halves.

                Use edit menu ADD to create the second video track.

                Use edit menu Enable tracks... to turn off track 1

                Save quicktime movie

                Import into director

                place in score, add the behavior

                on beginSprite me
                setTrackEnabled(me.spriteNum, 1, true)
                setTrackEnabled(me.spriteNum, 2, false)

                -- Might be able to store disable audio track enabling it like the real
                video track.

                You can also use the quicktime size info dialog, grabbing a red size
                handle dragging to oposite size to make the single video channel near 0
                size. The set the dimensions of the on stage sprite back to original
                movie dimensions. You have to know the proper dimensions and this might
                more easy to defeat.