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    Brush tool photoshop misbehaving-Outlines?


      Hi there,


      I am by no means an expert on photoshop so I must ask.

      The other day everything is working fine, today I want to try the same thing and it's playing up. How to fix this:

      Ok, As you may not see here, (try tilting screen to see what I mean).

      In the background, there is a Brush dot in black, I want to make this into a shadow for the Flyer.

      However, this brush is currently instead of perfectly fading into white, has a ring around it, where you can see the shades of grey fading out.

      How do I make it so it doesn't have this so visibly? why is my brush tool all of a sudden different today?


      Thank for any help,


      Kind regards



      Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 7.05.10 pm.png