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    Character Maker - Effect Control Issues


      Hi, I'm new to After Effects so please bare with me as I try to explain.


      Yesterday everything was fine but now every time I try to change a character's clothes/hair/skin etc it doesn't take effect immediately; instead, every change I made shows up at different times on the timeline after I press the spacebar.... so for instance at 1 second the characters hair may change then at 2 seconds he's back to how he used to look but now is wearing glasses and at 3 seconds his skin is brown and his jeans are a different colour. I don't want the changes to appear gradually. I want the character to just show all the changes I made at 1 second all the way through to to the end of the composition.


      I will add that I changed a few preferences yesterday to try and speed AE rendering up and am worried i changed something I shouldn't have.


      I hope this all makes sense. and Thanks in advance.


      I am using Version CC