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    Can't reproduce certain colors in CMYK





      I’m currently working on a trifold folder in Indesign. I have received a couple color codes from the customer.


      • RGB: 132 238 171
      • #90EEB2
      • #AED9DA
      • #AOC1B8
      • #7BD4CC
      • #8BCBC8



      I’m working in a CMYK document, but the RGB color and some of the hexcodes can't be reproduced in CMYK. Indesign always gives me a warning that the colors are situated out of the gamut. These colors are than replaced by the closest CMYK colors.


      I have tried to convert to RGB, but here I also receive the same warning. I have also tried to enter these colors in Adobe Kuler in order to enter the CMYK values in Indesign. But than again Indesign choses the closest CMYK colors.



      Does it have something to do with the color settings in Bridge? My color settings are currently set to Europe, general purpose 3.



      Thank you for your help!

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          It's physics - you just can't reproduce certain colors, particularly bright greens and oranges, in CMYK.

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            rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Also the source RGB profile assigned to the hex color would have an affect on its appearance and whether it is considered out-of-gamut. You might assume the client is viewing sRGB hex color on a calibrated monitor, but then maybe not.


            Here's your #aed9da in a document with ProPhotoRGB assigned and it shows as out-of-gamut to Coated Fogra (exclamation marks in the Info panel), but it is in gamut when the RGB assignment is sRGB. The bottomline is HEX colors would not be a reliable way to spec color for print projects because both the source and destination profiles would affect appearance and whether the color is considered printable.





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