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    Problem with converting black from CMYK to RGB


      Hello everyone.


      I have a problem which is a huge pain.

      At my work, I often have to take the printing file and convert it to RGB, so I could put it in a mockup and show it to the client. My PC was only one in the office, that was able to do it right every time, getting always the same values of the black background. Unfortunately it WAS. Everything started when we've changed our default color profiles to work on Adobe 1998 instead of sRGB. I would completely understand, if those values would slightly change because of that, but they should stay constant for every file I make. Instead - weird stuff happens. For example - two very similar files (which have the same 100% K background, same fonts, just a different photo) tend to have completely different background color's values when converted to RGB - e.g. 71,73,64,81 and 78,76,61,81. Another interesting happens when i save the file as JPEG and reopen it. Before closing, color values appear to be 79,76,61,81, but when I close it and open it again, those values change to 80,76,60,80.

      Does anyone have any idea why is this happening?