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    Unsegmenting doesnt work in Target Standard Experience Targeting

    rajneesh_gautam Level 2

      Hi all, unlike Classic one cannot define audiences at Campaign entry level for Experience Targeting activities which have multiple experiences. This makes it difficult to unsegment visitors who were qualified earlier for one experience to another experience in the same activity. I have explained the scenario below and will appreciate any solution which is done through XT. Thanks,


      Scenario in Classic Today:

      1. In Classic, one can setup Audience
        even at Campaign level (not possible in Standard with XT, only possible with AB
      2. In Classic, further granular level
        Audiences can be defined. Take an example:  We want to run a campaign
        where if  a profile attribute (imagine populated through Customer
        Attributes) can have 4 possible values and each value correspond to a different
        experience. Setup in Classic looks like below:

      a.      Campaign level
      targeting: ProfileAttribute_Test contains “Post_”

      b.     Exp. A targeting:
      ProfileAttribute_Test = “Post_A”

      c.      Exp. B targeting:
      ProfileAttribute_Test = “Post_B”

      d.     Exp. C targeting:
      ProfileAttribute_Test = “Post_C”

      e.     Exp. D targeting:
      ProfileAttribute_Test =“Post_D”


      3.      Above use-case works perfectly in
      Classic. Since these are different experiences, you can also view reports
      against each experience in Analytics using A4T.


      Scenario in Standard XT:

      1. Since XT doesn’t allow to set
        Audiences at Campaign level for multi-experience scenario, the only option left
        is to set Audiences at Experience level.
      2. So to replicate the campaign above,
        we’ll need to create 4 Audiences and use them in a single XT campaign.
      3. With this setup a single visitor who
        qualifies for Exp. A first time will be shown Experience A.
      4. Since above Audience will always be
        true for a visitor, a visitor is shown same experience even if his profile
        attribute value is changed to “Post_B”. In other words, visitor gets stuck to
        one experience forever.