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    Video importing how do you import to fit frame size Photoshop


      Hi Can anyone help me with this....importing a couple of videos into a stack ones portrait and ones landscape. How can I set the import to not have a transparent background surrounding the portrait and be relativity running visually correct ?  Does every video you put into a stack have to be the same size, same ratio and orientation? New to video editing. Thanks in advanced.

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          A Photoshop document has a Canvas size.  It sound like canvas size is wider than your portrait aspect ratio video frame or your portrait frame has been fitted into your landscape frame.  Your Landscape video and Portrait video have different aspect ratio.  Either can be fitted into the other frame aspect ratio frame area but there will be transparent borders or the image must be greatly distorted to fill the other aspect ratio frame size. Or be cropped the other frame's aspect ratio.  Portrait to landscape and Landscape to portrait conversions do not work well there is either too much distortion or too much content is cropped off the resulting composition is not acceptable.


          You can also have a canvas areas that both frames can fit within all frame will have borders in that case.  For example  Canvas size 1920x1920 Portrait fame 1080x1920 landscape frame 1920x1080.