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    Flex with ASP.Net Web Services in Vb.Net

      Hi all,

      Has anyone played with connecting Flex 2.0 to an ASP.Net Web service Written in VB.Net?

      We tried to bind a grid to a service and it seemed to understand the service and the datafields and then it compiled ok and
      ran ok from the server, but did not populate the grid. I think we added the right stuff to the whitelist on the server.

      Perhaps the format of the soap message etc was not correct or the service is not providing the data in the correct format. It would be great to have an example of how to bind various components to ASP.net web services, and some samples of the asp.net code / configurations for the same. Also how to post updates back to the same server?

      Flex looks like it would be the perfect system for the interior portions of our web site. If only we could prove it would work.

      the Mx code is attached... Unfortunately I killed the ASP code...