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    Looking for specific website examples

    Davide Mauriello

      Hello guys,

      I'm looking for a specific type of website design. I'm looking for a brand identity creation where the website is an ambient of somewhat and every single piece of that ambient is associated to a product or a service of the company. for example: the company is a school of photography. the whole website is designed like a kitchen. the place for the cutlery is the section for "services". the oven is the section for "customized services", the sink  is the section for "courses" and so on. every single part of the kitchen represent a product/or a service of the company. Have you got any examples in your mind? Did you know how to call this kind of representation?


      I remeber I've seen many sites with this kind of design but at the moment I can't find any of them. Thanks for your help, this search is making me crazy!