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    Table header bug - mid-row headers

    SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I have submitted a bug report, but wanted to see if this is a real bug, or something else.

      InDesign 2017.1

      Mac OS 10.10.5


      1.  Create table with a header row

      2.  Create an object with text wrap set to jump object

      3.  Drag the object with wrap over the middle of the table, and then away.


      Result: If this object is dragged over the table, an instance of the header row will appear above it, and will not disappear when the object with wrap is moved away. (The header persists when the page is printed, so it's not just a display error)

      I can get rid of the row by moving the wrap object over the top row of the table, and then removing it


      Screenshot 2017-07-11 12.47.37.png