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    Bezier handles are gone

    derrickt85858897 Level 1



      I am editing a property -- Position -- in the Graph Editor. It's the position of a Repeater's transform. For whatever reason, I can add easy-ease to the motion's keyframes, but there are no Bezier handle on the keyframes themselves. The option to separate the x and y components is greyed out (both the button on the bottom and the option in the right-click menu), and I have unchecked "Use Linear Vertex Paths" under Mask Interpolation. Even using the Convert Vertex tool does not work. I have read up on this in the forums, and maybe there's a solution, but those things I listed were the only bits I could find that might have helped, and none worked (unless of course I missed something, which is entirely possible; it's Tuesday, after all, and I never could get the hang of Tuesdays).


      How do I get handles so I can edit this?


      Thanks in advance!