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    CF Session Management for an SPA...

    Laurence MacNeill Level 1

      is there a way to use ColdFusion session management without writing a ColdFusion app where each page is a separate .CFM file?  (We're running ColdFusion 11, btw).


      I have an Angular 2 SPA, and I'm using AJAX to call .CFC files on the back-end to read and write data to and from our server.  I've never used ColdFusion session-management before, and I have literally no idea where to start.


      All of the documentation I've read about using Application.cfc for session-management seems to assume that you're going to have a ColdFusion app wherein each page is a separate .CFM file.  Clearly that's not going to work for me.  So how do I get it to work with a single-page-application that is not a .CFM file?



      Laurence MacNeill

      Ball Ground, Georgia, USA