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    ADE 4.5.5 hangs when opening a certain EPUB file


      I just installed the latest release of Adobe Digital Editions ( on a Windows 10 computer, in order to read some ebooks I just purchased; some of them are protected with DRM, while instead one is DRM-free. Whenever I try to open this specific ebook, the application just hangs, keeping a CPU core pegged at 100% until I kill it.

      The various DRM-protected files bought from the same site instead works fine.

      I also tried several other EPUB files (with or without DRM) from other sources, and they work fine.

      So, this would seem to be a file-specific issue... however, the file appears to be ok, because it works fine in any other EPUB-capable application (such as the web browser Microsoft Edge, or my iPhone). And even if the file was faulty, that should have caused an error message, not an application hang.

      For reference, the file is an ebook bought on ebooks.com, alongside with several other ones; I can give specific links if required.