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    Search Results issues in Safari

    robbock Level 1

      Is anybody else having trouble scrolling through the search results in Safari? Since they've changed the site layout a few weeks ago, there is now two scroll bars on the right side of the page. When you scroll down the search results in safari (OSx) you get to the bottom, and then have to hover your mouse over the 2nd scroll bar, click and move it down manually to see the bottom image fully and next page button. Then when they next page loads, you have to click that scroll bar again and manually scroll it up to see the top images.


      I see this issue on any Mac I use. Not in Chrome, so obviously I can use that, but it's a pain to have to do that for one tool, when the built in search in Adobe programs forces you to use the default browser. I' not switching my default browser since I have other tools that need to use Safari to function correctly that I sue more than Adobe Stock. Plus I think it's kind of silly for a company the size and value of Adobe to have a problem that should have been found with a QA process.