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    Print to PDF in Outlook Creates Endless Notepad Files w/ Errors

    Dustin Ventin Level 1

      My employer is trying to use the "Print to PDF" option while in Outlook to turn his e-mails into PDF's. Unfortunately, instead of creating a PDF file, this process creates an endless series of Notepad files to open one after another, each with an identical message about "error printer spooling, skipping, blah blah, etc." These Notepad messages are endless, clogging up the system and forcing a hard reboot.


      My employer does not experience these issues with any other application than Outlook.


      My gut reaction is that one of his add-ons is interfering with the adobe printer, and that I should start in safe mode and slowly reintroduce his add-ons to find the culprit. Before I do that, though, does anyone else have any ideas?



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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Without knowing the contents of those .txt files, we can't help you. What you blithely describe as “blah, blah, etc.” is critical to knowing what the problem is and fixing same, if possible.


          Also note that Acrobat does provide a capability of creating PDF files directly from within Outlook from each or a combination of e-mail messages. There should be no need to print to the Adobe PDF PostScript printer driver instance.


                    - Dov