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    Sub-menu of sub-menu

    Pierrot Dev

      Hi all,

      A simple question:

      It is possible to add a sub-menu to some menu of Illustrator (cc) like in Menuplay exemple code.

      Is it possible to add sub-menu to that sub-menu and and so on?



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          A. Patterson Level 4

          I can't say I've tried but you can find examples in the Illustrator menu where Adobe is doing just that (e.g. Type > Insert Special Character > Symbol > Bullet). As a general rule, if built-in functionality does something, you can usually do it too as they use their own API for 90% of the product.


          Also, looking at the API, I can't see why it shouldn't work.

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            A. Patterson Level 4

            Sorry, that in response to the second question. As to the first, yes, you can add to Illustrator's menus. You kind of have to, and they've got a header, AIMenuGroups.h, that lists all the sets of menus in the product. Note that, say, the File menu has several menu groups in it, so depending on where you want your menuitem (or submenu I'm guessing) you'd have to figure out which menu group corresponds to where you want it to go.


            We add a submenu to the kOpenMenuGroup ourselves, so that part is 100% doable. The submenu-of-a-submenu I'd be surprised if you can't do it.

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              Pierrot Dev Level 1

              Yes! I tried and it works!