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    HD Esterno in caselle di Lightroom


      Good morning, kindly would anyone give me an explanation about the following?

      I use the latest version of Creative Cloud's Lightroom on a Mac connected to an external hard drive. The file I work on is located on the computer and not on the computer.

      In the Lightroom / Folder Library I usually see my External HD with the folders I create where I have my files imported for processing. With HD Outside on, suddenly I found all the question marks alongside my folders. As if the External HD was turned off and Lightroom indicated that it was impossible to view the files. There was no longer link between folders and files. I notice that I thought it was my usual HD Outside it was not. My usual folders were now under an External HD (so called by the software) but that in fact was my HD SSD solid state of the computer. By right clicking and getting information I noticed that it was my internal HD that in previewing the information appeared as a blue folder with the red symbol of the ban. I did not add any HD to the folders using the + button and to restore it all, I had to click on find folder and recreate all the new links to the files. This even though I did not move them. Every time I recreated the link, the folder disappeared from the HD "External" list (which was then the internal one) to appear right in the True HD List as it has always been. Once you've recreated all the links and then recreated that of the last folder, the HD (internal) that had appeared to me was no longer visible in the folders. So I got my original situation. Why can this happen? The HD in question that appeared in the folders was just a link to Lightroom and so even through the Finder I would not find it displayed? Should I look for some folder on my computer then delete it?

      Thanks to anyone who has some information, kind regards.