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    Dangle Problems!

    tera_dragon Level 1

      I added 2 dangle handles to my hedgehogs skirt.... she came out like this...


      SO FUNNY!


      I removed the 2 dangle handles.... and back to normal!



      Thought I would let you know. I have had some issues with the hedgehog before and it was all about mesh.

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Haha. Yes, dangle is basically introducing a physics system to your character - so if done the wrong way it can mess things up pretty badly. The 3 rules of dangle are:


          1. Only put dangle on independent parts.

          2. Make sure the origin is where you want it to attach and the dangle handle is where you want gravity to pull on.

          3. Stapling at the origin can help keep the part attached correctly.

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            tera_dragon Level 1

            Thanks! I'll have another go and see what happens. Love your videos by the way, they have got me this far within character animator!