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    mysterious square

      I'm building a shopping cart for a gallery site. I hadn't even worked on it for a week, but when I checked it yesterday, there was a strange problem. When you click directly on the datagrid a mysterious green square appears. The square doesn't inherit the transform of the data grid, but it does inherit the alpha value. The really strange thing is that it only happens when I post the files online. There is no problem when testing locally. I've talked to tech support and they were stumped.... Can anyone help? (please don't try to purchase anything, the site is far from finished)

      the data grid comes up when you press add to cart or show cart http://danielbourdet.com/susanbourdet/SBgallery.html
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          Rothrock Level 5
          Not totally sure what is going on, but I think it is part of the tab enabled indicator. If you then press tab you will notice it goes away and as you press tab more times you get yellow borders around different things. If you press tab enough times it eventually comes back to the green border in the datagrid.

          I'm not sure what to do about it. One thing that pops into my head is how are you setting the size of the datagrid component? are you being "bad" and just doing


          or are you using the approved API?


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            Danny_Darko Level 1
            Thanks for helping Rothock. I messed around with focus manager and eventually just disabled tabbing, but the square remains. While I haven't found a way to completely get rid of the square, I have found a way around the problem.

            I guess the data grid didn't like being scaled for some reason. The square was the outline of the data grid at 100 scale, I had it at 130. I reset the scale to 100 and the square still appears, but is now on the outline and is not so distracting.

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              Rothrock Level 5
              Right that is the bit about using the approved API. How were you setting the scale?