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    Position Graphics around ellipse


      I have some graphics, in this case layers of individual fruits and I want to position it precisely around a ellipse to make like a rotation of fruits around the center of the ellipse. How can I do that? Please help!

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          Mike_Abbott Adobe Community Professional

          This is actually a little bit tricky to do manually, so I've written you an expression...


          1. set up a null - rename it "center"

          2. Put your first fruit layer directly underneath the null layer. On that first fruit layer put this expression onto the position property:


          majorA = 600;

          minorA = 300;

          LrTot = 8;

          nullPos = thisComp.layer("center").position;

          nullRot = thisComp.layer("center").rotation;

          LrNum = index-2;

          angle = degreesToRadians((360/LrTot*LrNum)+nullRot);



          nullPos+[x, y]



          You will need to change the numbers on the first three lines:


          majorA = the width of your ellipse

          minorA = the height of your ellipse

          LrTotal = the total number of layers to be distributed around your ellipse



          Highlight the position property on that layer. Go to the Edit menu > Copy expression only.

          Put your other fruit layers directly under the first one. Select your other layers. Edit > Paste.


          To animate the rotation -

          Animate the rotation value of the 'center' null.