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    Flash video scaling

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      I've made a flash movie which is 1024x768 px and in first frame i've placed
      FScommand fullscreen & allowscale actions: so when resolution is 1024x768
      movie is in its original size, but when resolution is higher/lower movie

      On stage is MediaDisplay component which displays external Flash Video (flv)
      in its original size (use prefered media size option) ... so when resolution
      is 1024x768 it is displayed in original size because stage is also 1024x768.
      But when resolution is higher/lower, flash video holder (mediaDisplay
      component) stretches/shrinks along with stage. When it stretches/shrinks,
      video quality is degraded: jiggy, warped and smudged picture with crispy
      edges, something like "nearest kin interpolation".

      Example: Quality of stretched/shrinked video is similar to the quality of
      scaled image that doesn't have "allow smoothing" turned on - image is poor
      quality, jiggy, crispy and smudged when it is not in its original size.

      Is there a way to eliminate this, like "allow smoothing for video"