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    adobe photoshop 17 freeze


      when i run to 17 photoshop after 1 minutes later that is freez plase help ı tryed to reset from preferences but ıt is not working


      ı have monster abra v6.3 win 10

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          You can reset preferences two ways :

          1. If you are inside Photoshop - Go to Preferences - General - reset Preferences on Quit.  Click OK then close Photosp and restart.


          2. If you are having trouble even starting up, hold down Alt+Control+Shift (Windows) or Option+Command+Shift (Mac) whislt starting Photoshop. You have to time it right. If you do you will get a message prompting you to delete the current settings. Do that and Photoshop will reset the preferences to default.


          If neither are successful in addressing your issue, Post two things in order that we can try and help you:

          1. Your system info from Photoshop - Help - System Info -Copy (just press the copy button then paste them here)

          2. The crash report from Windows reliability monitor. To get this type reliability into the Windows search box. Go to the reliability monitor and look for a red cross at the time of the freeze. Click on it and in the list look for Photoshop. Click on Photoshop to open the report then copy and paste it here