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    GREP - Select full line

    camillec14765068 Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I've been looking for an answer to my problem all day, and I finally resign myself to asking here.


      First of all, here is what my text looks like :





      or sometimes :






      And, I managed to get this by using Search and replace ^n to ^p :





      I have two paragraph styles : StyleName and StyleFunction. The later is what comes automatically after StyleName.

      Therefore, my first solution was to select the text, to right-click on StyleName and "Apply style then next".

      It works, but since I can't use Alt+a to select everything (I have other styles), I would like to use GREP.


      My question is this one :

      How can I select only the Functions to apply my StyleFunction ?


      Functions are alway after a paragraph mark (or a return at first).

      I had the feeling I have to use positive or negative lookahead or lookbehind, am I right?


      Thanks for your suggestions !