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    Flash MX vs. Flash 8

    Donjworks Level 1

      I have Flash 8 on my Home PC, on which I do most of my flashing. But somtimes I get bored a school, and work on some flash stuff there. However, when I try to open up some stuff I worked on at home (flash 8) at school (Flash MX), It says: "Unexpected File Type", and refuses to open the file, even though it's a .fla file. I even tried saving my flash 8 files as flash MX 2004, on my home PC. I am getting overly frustrated.
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          Rothrock Level 5
          Your title seems to say one thing and your description the other. You shouldn't have any problem opening Flash MX files with Flash 8.

          But Flash MX (also known as Flash 6) can only open files that are in MX or earlier format. Flash 7 and 8 didn't exist when MX came out so how could it know about those formats?

          Flash 8 can save to Flash MX04 (also known as Flash 7) format but it can't save back to MX format. So you are not going to be able to open Flash 8 or 7 files with MX.

          PS: And you should be paying attention and studying in school!
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            NSurveyor Level 2
            Flash MX .fla's can only be opened with Flash MX or better
            Flash MX 2004 .fla's can only be opened with Flash MX 2004 or better
            Flash 8 .fla's can only be opened with Flash 8 or better (nothing better yet!)

            So, you'd have to somehow convert your Flash 8 .fla to a Flash MX .fla, and Flash 8 can't do that itself. However, if you have Flash 8 and Flash MX 2004, you can go from Flash 8 .fla -> Flash MX 2004 .fla using Flash 8. And then Flash MX 2004 .fla -> Flash MX .fla using Flash MX 2004..

            And if you don't have 2004, perhaps you can upload your file and someone will be kind enough to convert it for you.