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    URL Links not SHOWING in Document

    Lorie Zweifel Level 1



      I have a PDF document with several URL links.  The links are still working if you hover over them but there is no text showing to indicate that there is anything there at all.


      This has been working fine, I made some changes to other parts of the document yesterday and saved it and now this is happening.


      Please help, lots of work put into creating this, would really hate to have to start over.




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          Pariah Burke Adobe Community Professional

          Can you post a screenshot(s) of what you're seeing in the PDF?

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            Lorie Zweifel Level 1

            Hi, Parish...  thank you for replying to my issue.  I have fixed all the links for now, but what I was seeing was this...


            I entered the text, highlighted it and made it BOLD, ITALIC and UNDERLINED.  Then I inserted the actual link for the text.  All looked good, I saved and sent it out to my peeps....  then when I went to look at it what I saw was this:


            ____________________________________    bla bla bla


            If you hovered over the line the link was still there but no text.  I highlighted the line reselected BOLD, ITALIC and UNDERLINE and exactly what I had showed back up.


            Do you suppose it could have something to do with fonts, I have a bazillion fonts on my system, could it be that I have chosen a font that is not compatible with Adobe??