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    File sizes/resolution suggestions?

    marcylmiller Level 1


      I'm creating a 30 ish minute video, about 1/2 of which will have a puppet narrating a script. The video will eventually be disseminated likely through youtube or some similar easy access source. The puppet is created in photoshop, I'll animate through CH, add background details through Animate, and stitch things together at the end in Premier pro. Following the how to create your first cartoon tutorial, I created different scale versions of my puppet. However, as noted in the video, my puppet's resolution wasn't high enough and at final export it looked too pixelated. This was only a 40 second test project to work out the kinks so I'm starting from scratch and want to do a better job deciding file size/resolution.  I am wondering if you have a suggestion of settings given my project intention (30 minute total, 15 minutes of puppet in small chunks, interest in having puppet scaled in and out) for each of the different programs to balance resolution quality with file size?


      1. Photoshop puppet size

      2. Settings in Ch

      3. Settings in Animate

      4. Settings in Media Encoder (are you using an AVI format for your youtube videos?)

      5. Settings in Premier Pro.


      Many thanks!