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    Walk + Drag = distortion


      I've got a character set up, based on the Maddy puppet. The layer structure is pretty much the same (Character > Frontal / Right profile / Left profile . It's working great (Thank you very much for providing this example puppet)! Next I'd love to be able to make the character fly. I've created an additional folder above Frontal called Jetpack, which is triggered on a keyboard command, hiding the other layer folders in the stack. This has a draggable handle applied to it. Again it's working fine... I'm able to walk back and forth, hit "J" for Jetpack and move around. However once I drag my character and move it to a new position, it distorts the walk cycle and my character stretches in strange ways, which is fun but unintended. Wondering if there may be any sort of work around for this situation, or if it's I need to make a choice between having a draggable character, or one that is able to walk? Any thoughts?