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      I am creating a very long document with a Table of Contents that I want to link to specific pages. I set up all of hyperlinks in the InDesign file, but when I export the book to an interactive PDF, somewhere it is adding in other hyperlinks to other pages that I do not want to link to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I already tried changing my preferences in Acrobat to not create links from URLs.

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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Export to interactive PDF will automatically link InDesign-generated TOC entries with their destination pages; could it be you're getting a mix-in of those?

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            megand78405549 Level 1

            When I made the TOC I unchecked the Create PDF Bookmarks so that I wouldn't have this problem. The links are also not showing up on my hyperlinks panel.

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              JonathanArias Adobe Community Professional

              the links on the TOC would not show in the links panels. The TOC is only pulling from the paragraph styles you set up in the document and linked on the TOC panel when you set it up.


              It will only link what you have set up in styles. If the TOC links is taking you to pages you don't want to link to, make a new paragaph style in those pages and apply it to the text the TOC is pulling from

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