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    Graphics disappear when moving them in InDesign


      I have an end-user that is experiencing problems when manipulating graphics. For ex. when the user moves a graphic in the document it will disappear temporarily.  If they zoom in or out on the document the moved graphic will reappear.  This issue will not occur if the view specific to the image being moved is set to typical.  When that setting is set to high quality the issue occurs.  Do you think this behavior could be attributed the graphics card?  This machine is a heavyweight HP workstation see specs below.


      OS - Windows 10 Ent 64bit

      CPU - Intel Xeon CPU E5-2670 v2 @ 2.50GHz

      RAM - 32GB

      GPU - AMD FirePro V3900  1GB RAM

      HD - 500GB


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          Pariah Burke Adobe Community Professional

          It definitely could be the graphics card, but other factors include...

          • The size and resolution of the images (big images take work to redraw).
          • The number of images visible at one time in the InDesign window.
          • The monitor(s) and screen resolution(s) being driven by the graphics card.
          • How hard the system is working to support other running applications and processes.

          It could also be an InDesign preferences or corrupt document problem. To troubleshoot that, you'd want to start by...

          • Checking to see if the problem happens with other InDesign documents as well as the one in question.
          • Trying to move images around in a brand new, otherwise blank InDesign document created specifically for troubleshooting.
          • If the problem does not occur in the above, it's the document(s) at issue; try saving to IDML, then resaving from the IDML to a new INDD.
          • If the problem does occur with other and new documents, try...
            • Restarting the computer and testing again.
            • Close all other applications and unnecessary background processes.
            • Reset InDesign's preferences.
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