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    Problem with PSD files being flattened when moving between LR and Photoshop


      I have a problem with .psd images being flattened if I go back and forth between Lightroom and Photoshop to edit. I think I have figured out the problem but would like input about whether my solution is doing what I think it is doing. I would edit in Lightroom then add layers in Photoshop and save. A new PSD file would appear in LR with the original CR2 still there.  I might then make additional edits in LR. The problem seemed to occur going back to PS for the second time. If I chose Edit with LR Adjustments, I would get a single background layer.


      The solution I have arrived at is to edit in Lightroom and move to Photoshop with Edit with Lightroom Adjustments. After I work in Photoshop and save, it will then appear in Lightroom. If I make further adjustment in Lightroom and want to send it back to Photoshop, I need to choose Edit Original to maintain the layers. The original PSD file is then opened without additional LR adjustments but with the layers visible. This is a little confusing since the image is different than the edited version in LR. It seems that when I then save again and reopen in Lightroom that both the PS and LR adjustments are there.


      To summarize, it seems that the first time I go from LR to Photoshop, I should choose Edit with Lightroom Adjustments, but on future trips back and forth, I should choose Edit Original. I also click the Overwrite option when it appears the second time I go to PS. I just want to make sure that both the PS and LR adjustments will be in the final image in my Lightroom catalog.


      Thanks for any input on this. I was a little dismayed to have worked on some images only to find the layers flattened.