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    Can you upscale then export downscale an AE project?

    Deaf Mike Level 1

      I found a great stock AE sequence.  I customized it and was all happy about it.  Then it hit me - OMG I forgot to look at its dimensions.  Ugh - it's 1280x720.  All my footage after the intro is 1920x1080.


      So I tried importing the entire 1280 sequence into an AE comp and just transformed it - blowing it up to fit the 1920 size.  I exported it and it doesn't look good - looks soft :/


      The entire final program is going to be 1280x720. So is there some way to make all of these elements work? I'm thinking now when I bring the 1280 intro into Premiere to just make the Premiere timeline match it, and then scale down all of my footage from 1920 to 1280 so it all fits?  But maybe there is a better solution?


      Thanks in advance.