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    Lightroom Mobile and Videos


      I don't know if this is a question, a comment or a complaint.


      I seem to be unable to sync videos (not all however, some seem to work ok) via Lightroom. I can from my iPhone, iPad and on the web version but not via Lightroom itself. From what I can see online this isn't a bug but is meant to work this way?


      I don't understand. Why can I load the exact same video via the webpage (but this then ends up with duplicates in Lightroom) but cannot via Lightroom itself? The apparent powerhouse part of the whole setup?


      Assuming I'm not missing anything is there a way to request that the developers add this functionality into Lightroom?



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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unfortunately, yes, that's the way it is currently designed - or limited might be a better word.


          If you really want to get a video from LrDesktop to LrM, you need to fool LrM into thinking it is importing the video from the mobile device. So one way is to copy the video file to a Dropbox folder or similar, save the video from the  Dropbox iOS app to Camera Roll, and then import it.


          Another way is to open a browser window and log into your lightroom.adobe.com account, then drag and drop the copy of the video into the browser. However, this has a 200mb upper limit.


          Festure requests are here



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            E11enJane Level 1

            Thank you John. I can understand having an upper limit but seems a bit ridiculous to allow from some devices but not a computer. Will go send a feature request and hopefully it will change in the future.