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    Gerenate Source files in flash cs5, cs6  pro


      My Aim was to do changes in SWF and get new SWF  , Can we generate SWF to fla ,  back Fla to Swf  in CS5.

      I tried to generate using Cs5 pro , but i was not able to find the option.


      can any body please suggest?...


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          The .swf that you have is a compiled runtime file that is meant to be played through the Flash Player in a browser. The original file that was used to create the .swf is a Flash .fla file. The .fla can be opened and edited in Flash. The .swf cannot be opened and edited. It is meant to be played only. Do you have access to the original .fla file?


          There are Flash decompilers that can "crack" an .swf. Some are better than others. What you get may or may not be useful to you. If you had no hand in creating the original file, what you get back may be a complete mystery to you. Some parts may be missing and some parts may be poorly or incorrectly translated from the .swf.


          You will have to decide on the ethics of reverse engineering this .swf.