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    Effects On Video



      Please tell me,In this video how colour is appearing itself?If it is done from after effects then please guide me how it will be.?

      I have never seen this type of video.

      Thanks in advance.


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm having trouble seeing that video due to issues on the network where I work. Could you describe the "color" in more detail?

          It's very easy to add reveal color in illustrations in After Effects assuming you have your lines on one layer and your color on another.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Nothing magical. Just normal opacity fades. It's all a show. The artist is simply re-drawing an existing image which is then re-used also for the colors. Almost nothing to do with AE, just clever shot planning and execution.



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              sheheryarm15951697 Level 1

              Does you have a tutorial in which this work is being done?

              Thanks in advance.

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                sheheryarm15951697 Level 1

                Hello Szalam,

                Thanks for reply.

                In this video, after draw an image colors appear itself.Image is also appear itself.

                Does you have a tutorial in which this work is being done?

                Thanks In Advance.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  1. Draw a shape layer with a colored fill
                  2. Duplicate the shape layer and turn off the fill color and add a stroke
                  3. Apply Effects>Transition>Linear Wipe to the layer with the colored fill
                  4. Adjust the angle, feather, transition complete values for Linear Wipe
                  5. Animate the transition complete value by enabling keyframes and adjusting the timing
                  6. Repeat for every shape you want to fill with a color

                  Extremely basic stuff that you should be able to figure out early if you have spend a couple of hours here Basic AE learning how to use After Effects. There is no one click one layer effect that will accomplish what you see being done.


                  If you have already created the artwork on separate layers there is nothing keeping you from doing the color fill animations entirely in Premiere Pro using a linear wipe transition. If you are very new to AE it may be easier and faster especially if it's along scene.


                  There are other options. You can animate a gradient then use the Gradient Wipe transition. You can manually keyframe the opacity of each color fill. If you are working with shape layers you can even add more than one color fill or more than one color gradient to your shape and animate the properties individually. The most efficient way to work depends entirely on the kind of artwork you have created.

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                    sheheryarm15951697 Level 1

                    Thank You Sir Rick Gerad for replying and to give your precious time.