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    How to remove - Warning: No pixels are more than 50% selected.  The selection edges will not be visible.

    onciest Level 1

      Is there a way to completely remove this? Even if you make a selection with a large feather radius it is still feathering it regardless, that selection is just invisible. The people here that are answering it are treating it as an error and the only symptom is to not use a large amount of feather strength and try again. The message is really annoying, as I use frequently I might add. So I was wondering if somebody out there could make a script or help me find one, because google itself is littered with this question, but the "resolved answer" doesn't really do anything or relate to what I am asking.

      Any ideas?


      I've been dealing with it for years, sure I can deal with it some more, but I just thought it would be fixed down the road, as it is a rather strange bug to leave lying around.