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    Moving the whole Lightroom folder from Pictures to a separate drive

    duglst Level 1

      I already moved the Ircat and irdata folder to a new drive. Wouldn't it be better and easier to just move the whole Lightroom Folder from Pictures to the same new drive? This way it would all be in one tidy spot and I would never have to go to C: Users>Doug>Pictures>Lightroom again.


      My plan is to have the OS and programs on C: SSD, LR Catalog, cache, and PS Scratch on a second SSD, and all of my Data on a HDD. Another HD will back everything up.




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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Sounds like a reasonable plan. You will marginally better performance if the original images and the catalog are on separate drives.


          The default location of the "lightroom" folder being in the "pictures" folder is just poor planning by the Adobe developers. Making the "lightroom" folder separate from the "pictures" folder is a great idea. Just make sure you have the needed READ and WRITE privs on the new folder.


          After you have moved the LR folder where you want it, use Windows File Explorer to COPY your "pictures" folder to the new drive.

          Open the catalog, go to the Library, Folders panel.

          Right click on the old root folder, select "relocate", navigate to the new folder on the new drive.

          After you have confirmed that your images are backed up, you can delete the images from the old C drive.

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