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    preview image missing

    Randa Bishop

      My goal was to resize a tif image in order for it to be printed by my client.

      I opened a tif image, went to image size, resized the photo (the amount of resize was moderate and in most cases to a slightly smaller size)

      I then used Save As and changed the image title adding the initials of the client "ps" and saved the file as a tif

      When the file came up on my screen I could only see the title of the photo for example I changed the photo from Popcorn Vendor, Las Vegas.tif

      to Popcorn Vendor, Las Vegas_ps.tif - HOWEVER the "preview" of the image was not included - so all I had on my screen was the title.


      I was able to click on the title, and the image opened in photoshop normally and I could see the opened image.  However, when I closed the image again, it was still missing the "preview" and all that remained on my screen is the title of the photo as a tif.


      Can someone please assist me to get the "preview" back together with the title?

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          Supply pertinent information for quicker answers

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